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How Zazos powers your daily work

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Manager dashboard

Show managers relevant information about their reports such as their compensation history, birthdays, and benefits.

Custom forms

Set up forms for onboarding, requesting time off, and promotions. Centralize data in one place.

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Employee home page

Drive employee engagement by showing them people's profiles, company announcements, and new hires each month.

A flexibe approach to people management

Built with privacy and ease-of-use in mind.

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No-code builder

Set up your own tools, workflows, and views. Use templates to save time.

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Custom interface

Communicate your unique identity and culture with personalized interfaces.

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Granular permissions

Allow the right people to see and edit the right sensitive employee information.

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Integrated systems

Consume data from your existing systems. No need to duplicate information.

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Make your HR unique and useful

Forget about having to manage multiple disconnected systems

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